Welcome to Meadowood Labradors

We are well respected Labrador Breeder located in Southern California, with a specialty in English Labradors. We currently carry both chocolate and yellow Labradors.


Our overall purpose here at Meadowood is to improve the breed by producing intelligent, well-tempered, quality puppies. For us this is not a profession, we do this because we absolutely love the breed and it brings joy to our lives to create such high quality companions. Please understand that placing our puppies in the best home possible is very important to us, and we do our best to ensure the best life possible for them. When choosing a breeder the first thing to understand is that there are many breeders that do this as their main source of income, they breed just to survive. We at Meadowood Labradors do not breed as our main source of income, it is our hobby and passion. There are also many backyard breeders that sell their puppies at a very cheap price and act as a "puppy mill," we do not. Our girls and gents are treated with a great amount of respect and care, therefore we do not over breed, nor overcharge. There is much more to life for them than just producing puppies, they are our family.


We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. A new addition to your family is a big step in life, and we understand and would love the opportunity to talk with you about our wonderful puppies.

Our Creek Day Adventure

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